Why training your dog is important [Part 2]

We already explained how much important is training your dog(If you haven’t see the post Why training your dog is important check it now before continue reading).

Here are more 4 other reasons why training your dog is so important :

1- Training helps your dog gain respect from neighbors

People, especially those who do not own a dog for a pet, will never understand these adorable furry friends and would often judge them by looks alone. A dog’s physical appearance could immediately evoke a wary, if not a fearful reaction from neighbors. But to present him as a well-mannered and trained dog, and your neighbors will witness for themselves your dog’s impeccable behavior while outside the house, you are less likely to get complaints from neighbors. But if they see you being dragged while on walks, you might probably hear issues and concerns. So as early as possible, train your dog to be an exemplary one, different from the rest.

2-  Training develops a well-balanced dog both physically and emotionally

Dogs usually crave for attention from his owner. And what better way to do that than to spend quality time with him during trainings.
Training sessions not only tame your dog but also strengthens canine-human bond that will establish good rapport. These sessions are also an opportunity to practice reinforcement-based methods to be given in a positive, gentle, and no confrontational manner. All these trainings will help your dog become a loyal and trusted pet.

3-  Training lowers liabilities

A dog that has some aggressive tendencies is a liability. If you leave him untrained, you will most likely end up having many complaints your way. Training him will reduce this said risk and lessens your worries especially when he is left alone in the house.

4-  Training will help your dog know who is in command

Training is important in that it will establish who the master is. If you have children, let them be involved in daily trainings so your dog will know and understand that you and these little people he sees at home are his masters. He will begin to see that there is a pecking order – you and the rest of the household as boss, and your dog, the follower.


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