Why training your dog is important?

A dog with zero training could quickly create turmoil in the house. Unfortunately, there is no magic way to train just about any dog. Every trainer trains dogs a little differently and the methods used likewise vary. There is really no cookie cutter way to training a dog. It is only the owner who can really determine what works best for his furry friend. An untrained dog, if left wandering inside the house or in the backyard, would surely display undesirable habits such as scratching at the door, digging holes, jumping on fences, biting wires, tables, and chairs, and many more.

The sad part is that this whole scenario could have been avoided if the owner has the initiative to train his dog and be fully committed to doing it. All owners already know about the importance of training, but just in case you need to solidify your conviction that training is indeed good, read on the 3 main advantages :

1.  Training helps in reducing behavioral problems

keep in mind that temperament is oftentimes influenced by the environment the dog lives in. As an owner, you need to make sure that your dog grows up in a place where there is less stress with fewer untrained animals.
The best thing to do is to enroll him in a training class or do it yourself. Beginning training your dog at an early age will help you identify potential behavior patterns and be able to correct said behavior before it becomes a full grown habit. According to animal behavioralists, the best way to correct behavioral patterns among dogs is to catch them early on. Those behaviors that have been allowed to exist and were never corrected are more difficult to change, and worse to modify.

2- Training creates an easy to love and live with dog

as an owner, you wanted a dog that is easy and a pleasure to be with. A dog who sits and waits for his food to be served, walks without having to pull the leash every time he tries
to go his way, and immediately comes to you when called is a dog that is indeed an owner’s delight. Teaching these basic skills will make for a dog who understands and respects house rules and will not try to challenge nor object his human.

3- Training results in less stress and chaos

A dog who is left to do his ways when and where he wants it will only fall back on the things he only knows – dog behavior. However, living with humans, these behaviors are generally unacceptable. Scratching the floor, knocking furniture, and grabbing food in the kitchen are all behaviors acceptable to fellow dogs but definitely not to their human families. To put simply, training your dog will help you to develop a well-behaved pooch, one that abides by the rules set by his owner and is eager to please you at all times. He simply knows that things that displease you is not for him to do.

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