Training your dog : The 3 must have equipments

When it comes to training your dog, the following equipments are considered as the must have :


  • The flat buckle collar : this is a must-have for dogs especially during training. As much as possible, avoid using adjustable collars as some excess length can easily get caught on tree branches, fences, and even other dog’s leash that would strangle him. Make sure to have a collar that is completely flat around the neck, one that is not too tight, and do not have extra slack in it.
  • Harnesess : most dog owners prefer the use of harnesess in training their dogs as it hugs the body tightly and not the neck of the dog. Although control would be a bit of an issue, most veterinarians think this is more appropriate to use for dogs.
  • Martingale collar : this type of collar is specifically made for training. They are fashioned after the sighthound collars, a kind with loops on either side with another length of nylon. It is broad so your dog won’t choke and is tightened enough so there is no escaping should he attempt to do so. Heavy artillery – if you own a big dog that is not yet fully trained, you will find a flat buckle collar extra useful. But if you are to use this for training, metal choke chains or a prong collar could prove to be much more gentle and effective.

The Leash

When it comes to leash, a puppy will need the lightest and thinnest one. An approximate 1.8m in length is ideal. However, when the pup gets bigger, you would need to buy a sturdier one. If your dog tends to pull a lot, you may choose to purchase a leather leash or a cotton fabric. Nylon is sturdy but it could be tough to hold chafing the hands from the dog’s constant pulling. Finally, chain link leashes are a no-no. Aside from portraying a wrong image for both you and your dog, they are also bulky, difficult to hold and manage, and could hurt the both of you.

The Head Halter

This is not to be confused with a muzzle. It is strapped crossing over the dog’s muzzle and loops behind forming a halter. This works in similar manner as a horse’s halter where the head goes and the body follows. This helps an owner gain quick control over a boisterous dog.



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