Training techniques : On paper training

Even before crate training was conceptualized, there is the good old paper training. This method has been used successfully by many dog owners and may be effective if done properly.

But note that when using this kind of method, there tends to be more margin of error even before your dog masters the rule of relieving in the paper. Why? Paper training basically has a two-step training process.

First, the dog must learn to eliminate only on the papered areas of a room, and second, he must not eliminate on the room. This said transition is where the problem usually occurs. Just because they are allowed to relieve inside the room with papered areas, they think it is okay to relieve inside the room. In short, they have difficulties understanding the concept.

In order to have greater success rate in this kind of method, paper training should only be used as a safety net and not the end-all be-all method.

But if you choose this kind of method, you may follow the steps below:

1. Select a room to place the papers :  Once you have selected a room, make sure all exits are blocked to keep your dog in this room and not wander in other rooms in the house. Then, place thick layers of newspapers in the room.

2. The dog must still follow his regular routine : you must give him the opportunity to have his regular walks, feeding time, and exercise. Most of all, you should allow him to follow a regular schedule in relieving in order to avoid mishaps on the papered floor. Even if there are papers scattered on the floor, do not be too lax. When you see him show signs of relieving, immediately rush him outside. When he successfully relieves outside, praise and reward him for his success.

3. Remove the papers in stages  :  As the training goes on for days and weeks and as your dog matures, you may start removing more and more papers on the floor until such time that there is one paper left in the corner. If your dog has already become accustomed to using these papers in relieving himself, even if you only have one paper left, he will surely be looking for this particular paper in the room just to do his deed.

4. It is time to move a notch higher : place the paper outside – start taking the paper outside the house with some scent remaining and allow your dog to sniff in this new placement.

5. Discard the paper : Be sure to leave an area outside with a bit of scent for your dog to know where he will relieve. Continue to praise your dog whenever he relieves successfully outside in the appropriate place



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