Dog Training methods to adopt

Not all dogs train the same way and there are many different methods to pick from. You have to know which one to pick in order to train your pooch in the right way.

Besides the basic commands, here are some dog training techniques that you can adopt in order to train your pooch but how the dog responds will dictate which method works the best.

Reward and punish technique

Better known as the Koehler method, the reward and punish technique works well for most dogs. In fact, it is the most popular technique used by both owners and trainers to train their dogs.

This is a very simple technique to follow. It is based on the thought that the owner will reward the dog if he does well in training and punish him if he doesn’t.

The punishment need not be too serious and can be something like denying the pooch a treat. Similarly, he will be rewarded with his favorite treat if he does well in the task. This technique is great for all breeds.

Motivation technique

The motivation technique is where the owner makes use of a reward to lure the dog into training. This is one of the best positive reinforcement techniques out there.

The reward can be a treat or anything else that the dog may take a fancy to in order to remain motivated within the task. But you have to ensure that you give your dog the right kind of reward and not the wrong one.

For example, don’t keep giving him or her a treat all the time. You can change it up with a toy every now and then to ensure that their health remains top notch. You must know when to stop with this system as otherwise they will refuse to take up a task if you don’t give them a reward. Puppies can be very greedy, so be very caring when using this method not to over-indulge the puppy.

Clicker technique

The clicker technique is quite interesting. It helps your dog understand your commands with ease. The clicker technique is one where you make use of a clicker to teach your dog new tricks.

The clicker or cricket is a device that clicks, which is like an indication for your dog to perform a task. This technique is both unique and useful for many breeds including border collies and cocker spaniels. They will respond to it better than the other breeds and you will be satisfied with the results.

Bonding technique

The bonding technique is unique and one that teaches your dog new tricks without having to work too much towards achieving the required result. All you have to do is develop a strong bond with him and then teach him or her, the tricks.

The idea here is that a puppy will respond better to you if you share a deep connection. He or she will respect your needs and work towards keeping you happy. You have to ensure that the pup is happy and able to reciprocate your love.

You have to give it some time as bonding can take a while. But you must ensure that the two of you are on the same page when the tasks are undertaken.

This last method is probably the least effective as compared to the rest. But you can try any of these methods to train your pup. Remember to remain patient and not to rush your dog as that can create a negative impact in that the dog may see training as a chore, rather than as a pleasure.


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