Dog Training : 4 Behaviors to Watch Out For

4- Scooting

why is my dog dragging her butt

Many people ask why is my dog rubbing her but on the floor? Have you ever seen that? it’s when your dog drag himself across the floor with his bottom on the ground.. It’s called scooting !

It may seem funny (or kind of disgusting?), but it only means there’s something irritating your dog’s anus. It’s possible that your pup’s anal sacs are full and need to be expressed.

If your dog’s anal sacs aren’t backed up, the problem could be irritation for some other reason. Allergies may only show up as an itchy rear. While it’s common to blame worms, it is an uncommon reason for the behavior. Check with your veterinarian to be sure your pal is on an appropriate parasite prevention program.

Finally, a dog who’s a grass-eater, or likes to lick around the house, could have strands of grass or hair trapped in his anus that he’s rubbing the ground to get out. This is the least-severe reason for scooting but the easiest for you to help him take care of.

For more dogs behavior problems to address, click on the link to read the full article.



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