Dog Training techniques : Tricks and more useful commands

If you want to teach your dog more tricks other than the basic commands, you may do so by introducing the shake, roll over, and the up trick.

The Shake Trick

Admit it, whenever you see a dog doing this trick, you are left in awe. When a dog raises his paw, it is a sigh of submission so this command would be a bit difficult especially for dominant ones.

How Do You Teach the Shake Command?

  • Put your dog in a sit-stay position. Grab hold of one of his forelegs and gently raise it while you say the magic word “shake”.
  • Shake his paws for a number of times, release, and then praise him.
  • Keep practicing until he gets accustomed to this trick.

The Roll Over or Play Dead

This can be an easy trick for dogs who just love to play around and long for more treats.

How Do You Teach the Roll Over Command?

  • Put you dog in a down position. If he refuses, coddle him and just play with him first.
  • With a treat on one hand, hold it under your dog’s nose and then slowly move toward the shoulder to give way for a roll over. As he follows the treat, he should be legs up on his back.
  • If your dog finds this difficult to do, you may help him roll a little.
  •  Say the roll over or play dead command with an appropriate hand signal. You sure will love the result.

The Up Command

This command is especially useful if you want to have your dog jump into the car or sit on a sturdy chair.

How Do You Teach the Up Command?

  • Prepare the surface that you would want him to jump on. If this is a car seat, pat the seat and say the word “Jump” or “Up”. Begin with low surfaces and those that are easy to hop on.
  • When he jumps into the surface, pat his back and praise him for a job well done.
  • Continue doing this until the command is second nature to him.

The Stand Command

Standing still on all four feet may seem impossible, but if you have a curious dog and an intelligent one at that, this should come easy. Also, this is useful during grooming time and on annual tests and examinations with your veterinarian.

How Do You Teach the Stand Command?

  • With the dog on leash, pull back slightly to halt him and then put your left hand fingers down in front of his nose. Say the command, “stand”.
  • If your dog resists and tries to sit or walk away, get him and quickly scoop him up with your hands under his abdomen.
  • When he stands still, release and give him treats.

The Down Command

If you have a dog that growls or lunge at other dogs, this command would come in handy. This can also be used to quiet a dog and calm him down.

How Do You Teach the Down Command?

  • With your dog on your left side, command him to sit.
  • With the treat on your hand, move it in front of his nose and slowly down to the floor while saying the command “down”. Make sure he follows the treat.
  • When he is down, give the treat, pat, and praise him.

The commands and tricks are as simple as that. With repetition, your dog will be able to follow all the commands and tricks mentioned on just about any surface and anywhere you want it. Remember, it takes time, patience, and perseverance to make all these happen. The rewards? An awesome and obedient dog that everyone will love to be around with.


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